Thursday, November 4, 2010

William John Alban (1821-1862)

At 28 the Reverend William J Alban married a Scots woman, Agnes Crooks. Three daughters and two sons were born:

  • Agnes Erskine Alban in 1850, died shortly afterwards;
  • Ann Eliza Margaret Alban in 1851, died 1852;
  • Mary Harriet Alban in 1855; and
  • William Alban, one of twin boys in 1857, the other unnamed. There seems to be no further trace of either of them.
Agnes Crooks died in 1861 and her husband followed in 1862, aged only 41. Perhaps both parents were affected strongly by the loss of least three young children. They left few descendants -if any.
Their only surviving child Mary H Alban seems to have been sent to live with a maternal aunt in Edinburgh, Scotland and is recorded there as yet unmarried in the 1871 and 1881 Scottish censuses. I have been unable to discover what happened to her after that.

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