Alban women

Like other women in family history the Alban women are not as well documented as the men. Here is what we've been able to discover about some of them

Daughters of William Yeates Alban and Anne Benbow
William and Anne had four daughters and three sons. None of the daughters married. The youngest daughter, Rosa Alban (1830 - 1842) died at the age of 12 the year after her father, in Bath, Somerset where her family was living. Eliza Dorothy Alban (1826 - 1903) lived to 78 years of age. The other two daughters Anne Elizabeth Alban (1821 - 1856) and Harriet Mary Alban (1823 -1855) both died in Honfleur, France where their parents were living at the time.

Honfleur harbour, France (Image J Ibrahim)

Daughters of Clifton F S Alban and his first wife Florence Louisa Bailey
Winifred Edith Archie Alban (1892-1975)
Two young Alban children are shown in English boarding schools in the 1901 census: Archibald Alban, 8 years old, and Piercy Alban, 6 years old, both residing at St Mary's Convent School in Ipswich, Suffolk. Despite their forenames both were girls!

Archibald Alban was actually Winifred E A Alban was born in Raipur, West Bengal, India in 1892. Winifred E A Alban married George Graves Dobie (1891-1962) in 1932. She died in Torbay, Devon in 1975. It is not known whether there are living descendants of this couple.

Piercy Rose Alban Alban (1894-1982)

Piercy R A Alban (baptised Rose Piercy Alban) was also a daughter of Clifton F S Alban and his first wife Florence L Bailey. She was born on 11 October 1894 in Bayswater, London, the youngest daughter and the twin of Frederic J C Alban who died in infancy. In 1901 she was a pupil at the same school as her elder sister, Winifred E A Alban (known as Archie).

Ten years later Piercy was living with a Christian Science practitioner a short distance up the road from her mother, also a Christian Science practitioner. In April 1926 Piercy Rose Alban married Sidney Frederick Allen in Southampton, Hampshire. He was a master mariner and served as commander in the Royal Navy Reserves. Piercy Rose Alban Alban died in 1982, 43 years after her husband. There is at least one living Allen descendant.